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The Recreated Regiment

    The 2d Regiment Light Dragoons (2LD) is a Revolutionary War re-enactment regiment which was formed in 1989 by a number of veteran re-enactors. Many of us have been re-enacting since the early 1980s.  We have devoted ourselves to an accurate portrayal of both mounted and dismounted Dragoons in the Continental Army.  Although we are based in Massachusetts, the regiment is made up of members from New England to Wisconsin, currently with members in 8 states.  We are all here for different reasons, for the history, the research, the battles, for camping, for military life or simply for the camaraderie.


    Our organization is a federally recognized, 501(c), tax exempt, non-profit corporation registered in the state of Connecticut.  Membership is open to all, but to carry a musket, a sturdy lad must be 16 years or older.  We have an annual meeting open to all members.  The organization has a corporate structure with a President, Vice President, etc. and elections are held at the annual meeting.  The on-field part of the organization is run as a military unit with ranks established by parent organizations and issued depending on the number of members.  On the field, members are expected to conduct themselves in a military bearing and abide by the orders and safety rules.


    We belong to two umbrella organizations:  The Brigade of the American Revolution and The Continental Line.

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