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    The 2d Dragoons saw action up and down the eastern coast. Many of the actions were just a few men who were out on patrol or on duty. Much of the fighting took place in Connecticut and New York, in the area shown on the map above. The regiment never fielded at full strength, but they saw action over 8 years.



 Dec 26 - Trenton



JAN 3  - Princeton

SPRING - Wethersfield, CT

SPRING - Middlebrook, NJ

JUN 6 - To Morristown by Farmington, Harrington, Litchfield, Kent, Peekskill, Kings Ferry, Haverstraw, Clove and Pompton

JUN 24 - Confronted at Woodbridge, NJ

JUN 25 - Confronted at Short Hills and Elizabethtown, NJ

JULY - Carrol's Ferry to Deleware by way of Georgetown

JUL 23 - Germantown 

FALL - Saratoga, NY, Lt. Thomas Seymour's Company

AUGUST - Philadelphia Area

SEP 11 - Confronted at Brandywine, PA

OCT 3 - Confronted at Germantown, PA

OCT 4 - Shippack, PA

DEC - Valley Forge, PA

WINTER - Schuylkill to Delaware River


JANUARY - Connecticut, Chatham and Trenton, NJ for winter

JAN 21 - Valley Forge, PA Area

FEB 2 - Delancey's Action in NY

SPRING - Kings Ferry/The Clove, NY

APR 6 - Trenton, NJ

JUL 24 - White Plains, NY

AUG 1 - White Plains, NY

AUG 24 - White Plains, NY

SEP 5 - White Plains, NY

SEP 12 - White Plains, NY

SEPTEMBER - Hudson, Greenburg Hills, Westchester, New Rochelle, Valentine's Hill, NY

OCT 7 - Clap Tavern

NOV 30 - Bedford, NY

WINTER - Regt. at Durham, CT, Tallmadge in Greenfield



FEB 29 - Middlebrook, NJ

SPRING - Westchester Front and sationed at Pound Ridge

JUNE - Both sides of the Hudson River

JUL 2 - Attacked at Pound Ridge, MAJ. Lockwood's Home

JULY - 2nd and 4th Troop to assit milita at Norfolk for Tyron's Raid

JUL 15 - Moved to Verplanks Point, NY as if to attack

LATE JULY - White Plaints, North Castle, NY

AUG 5 - Lower Salem, Attacked DeLancey's Loyalist Bridage at HQ in Morrisiana (Bronx) NY

SEP 5 - Left from Shippan Point near Stamford, CT and attacked Fort Franklin on Lloyds Neck, NY

DEC 30 - Morristown, NJ

WINTER - Encamped at North Hampton, MA



MARCH - Sheldon got order on Boston for necessary clothing

SPRING - North Castle, NY regiment now consisted of 4 mounted troops and 2 dismounted

SUMMER - 1 Troop of mounted and 2 troop of dismounted on duty at North Stamford with Tallmadge. Remaining 3 mounted troops with Sheldon at Headquarters on active duty at North Castle. Shortly after Tallmadge returned to Westchester with Squadron.

AUG - Bedford, NY

AUG 9 - North Castle, NY

SEP 23 -  Tallmadge on duty at White Plains when British Major John Andre is captured. 

SEP 24 - Andre escorted by Tallmadge to Tappan, NY

SEP 25 - West Point/Tappan - Tallmadge receives letter from Arnold requesting his enlistment in the British Army. Tallmadge returns to Westchester Front after Andre's hanging. 

FALL - Intercepting British supplies and skirmishes with Loyalists on neutrual ground near Tarrytown, NY

SEP 9 - Lower Salem, NY

OCT 2 - West Point, Tappan, NY

OCT 3 - Westchester, NY

OCT - From Bedford toward Hazen to Pine Bridge to drive enemy from area near Crom Pond, NY, Totowa, NJ

NOV - Cross Long Island Sound for reconnaissance

NOV 13 - Fairfield, CT

NOV 21 - From Fairfield crossed Long Island Sound, landed at Woodville, NY

NOV 22 - Marched to Fort St. George

NOV 23 - Sergeant Elijah Churchill and ten Mounted Dragoons rode to Corum to destroy British supply dump.

NOV 11 to Mid DEC - "on the lines" Westchester, NY

DEC - Simsbury, Windsor CT for winter quarters



APR - New Windsor, CT

APR 4 - Northampton, MA

APR 4 - Llyod's Neck, NY for recon

APR 4 - To Newport to meet Rochambeau

MAY - New Windsor, CT

JUN 25 - Hartford, CT

JULY/AUGUST - White Plains / Kingsbridge, NY

AUG 29 - Peekskill, NY

OCT - East side of the North River, NY

OC 2 - Fort Slongo

OCT - Westchester Lines



SPRING - Westchester/Horse Neck, NY

MAY - Newburgh, NY

JUNE - Newburgh, NY

AUG 18 - Newtown, CT

SEP 28 - Verplancks Point, NY



FEB 1 - Newtown, CT

APR 16 - Newtown, CT

JUNE - Headquarters

JUN 10 - Newtown, CT

NOV 20 - Regiment disbanded by General Washington


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