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For the Ladies

For the ladies interested in joining, or those interested in the clothing and items used of the time period we paortray, when thinking of these items, it helps to think of each one as you would get dressed into your full kit.  You would start as follows:



Underpinnings: A shift, stays, stockings, pocket, 'bum' roll, modesty piece (neck scarf).


Headwear: A cap of fine linen is to always be worn. With that, one can wear a silk bonnet or a straw hat. The head is always to be covered.


Footwear: Working class shoes or more formal shoes.

Outer garments: Bedgown, gown and petticoats (oftern multiple petticoats)

Accessoriess: Basket, market wallet, fan, sewing items.



Battle Road Guidelines: Basics for men and women clothing and items for early warBAR Women's Clothing and Equipment Guide: Basics for women clothing and items by members of the Brigade of the American RevolutionBAR CCM's Women's Clothing Descriptions with Photos:  Brigade of the American Revolution document


Female Camp Followers: An Overview of Continental Army Female Camp Followers by John ReesBurnley and Trowbridge: Material and articles for womenSignofthegoldenscissors: Hallie Larkin's website for women's items

Note... Most re-enactors will upgrade items as time and money permits.
We encourage constant research toward making our portrayal as authentic as possible.



NOTE:  DO NOT buy anything without first consulting with the unit commander. I'd hate to see you waste your money as there are is a lot of thing sold that do NOT meet our standards.

Mrs. Tallmadge and her children

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