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Tribute to Our Horses


Roo was the best War Horse I've ever ridden. He was a 26 year old Morgan when we lost him and there's just no replacement for this wonderful mount and friend.

B. Allegretto



We lost Jack in August of 2023. Jack was the horse everyone could ride. Even commanders with little riding experience could command from him on the field. Personally, I think Jack could command on his own.

He’s the majestic one of the pack

He’s simply known as Jack

He’ll be missed from this day forward

I wish we had him back


Jack had total control of the land

He trained each rider to command

Whether they knew how to ride or not

He was gentle in their hand


This big old guy with the yellow hide

His eyes so bright and wide

He knew what do all over the field

The rider just went along for the ride


A war horse in every sense

A gate sometimes intense

A horse that stole your heart

A family member at the fence


He’s simply known as Jack

I wish we had him back


Bob Allegretto

August 10, 2023


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